Another early start! Today, we cleared some beds and even sowed a few seeds. Our asparagus bed was overgrown with last year’s crop and a fresh batch of mugwort, the weed I consider my nemesis. I weeded the evil mugwort and then we spread a healthy layer of compost on top. One of the first signs of spring in our neighborhood is my hopeful puttering in the asparagus bed: I’m always quite sure I’ll see a shoot about a month before anything actually appears. I’m nothing if not an optimist!

I should explain my intense hatred of mugwort. It has been in our perennial bed since before we bought the house, and may have actually been planted by someone. But it is evil. I liken it to al qaeda – it appears wherever there are weaknesses in our plantings, it sneaks into new locations underground, and there is no central housing. It is essentially a network of evil, working to infiltrate our beds. Needless to say, we are at war. I call it a mugwar.