Four-egg day

Today was a four-egg day. Our first this year, and a little earlier than previous years, I believe. It’s hard to remember the exact timing of things, which is why I wanted to start this blog. I want, for once, a full journal of our plans, our accomplishments, our failures and our experiments. I seem to have lost the ability to write in a traditional journal, so a blog it is! Plus, I can post pretty pictures to see the progression.

A four-egg day is a day when all of our chickens lay an egg. We have four girls: Siouxsie Sioux, Lucinda, Lucinda and Lucinda (what? those three look alike). It means the day has lived up to its full potential, egg-wise. We’ve started using the term to describe any awesome day. Sometimes the only thing awesome about the day is the four eggs that gave it the name, but that’s still pretty cool.

Paul Robeson seedling

Also quite cool is the second full seedling of the season, this one a Paul Robeson. He was quite progressive, so it’s fitting that his tomato is an early start. Today’s seedling actually has two visible leaves, which is a lovely sight. These two leaves represent the two halves of the seed itself and will eventually wither away, as the “true” leaves start to appear. Those are the leaves that have little tomato-y serrations – they appear right around the same time as the first tiny hairs in the stem. Those tiny hairs can, eventually, become roots if you bury the tomato further up the stem when it is time to plant outside, so seeing them always makes me feel like we’re really getting somewhere. But two leaves – even if they are leaflets – aren’t bad.

Recommended pairing: Jane’s Addiction (this is a drink I made up, I think – it consists of vodka, fresh orange juice and pineapple juice – but it probably has other names)