Seedling to be

I think my favorite tomato is the Pineapple. It isn’t a very practical favorite: unwieldy at almost a pound a fruit; prone to cracking or just plain falling off the vine due to its weight; and not particularly pretty in a marinara – our method of choice for preserving much of our excess tomato crop.

But I can’t help it. The Pineapple tomato, when harvested before it smashes to the ground, is so very beautiful. Bright yellow flesh, streaked with deep red, it is the perfect slicer. The flesh is almost solid and a slice from the middle can basically cover a healthy sandwich loaf. Add some thick-cut bacon, homemade mayo and greens and you have the sandwich I dream of all year. I start planning the first BLT of summer shortly before the Fourth of July. This is slightly unfortunate because the Pineapples don’t start to ripen until mid-August. But really: is there anything better than anticipation?

That reminds me: I should start some lettuce seeds.

Recommended pairing: mai tais