First crocus of 2012All you need is one little sign that it is time to start gardening. This first crocus did it for me. She’s right next to the house, and not far from the dryer vent – so she isn’t an actual sign of Spring. But I don’t care. I’m ready.

We have big plans for this year’s garden: more beds, more preserving of bounty, better documentation. I’m hoping this blog will help me document and also keep me motivated to stay on task.

I think I’m most excited about trying cantaloupe this year. We had some, last year, from a local farm and I realized I had been missing out for years! Grocery store melons have nothing on these. We’re trying Golden Gopher Muskmelon to start – these are traditionally finicky plants, so don’t be surprised if this is the last you hear of our melon goals.

For now, I will be pleased by the first crocus sighting of 2012.

Recommended pairing: Pretty Things Jack D’or (a regional treat that pops up at surprising times)